Land Use

We believe that the natural and cultural resources of Knox County should be preserved in a viable condition for future generations. Therefore…

•  We support the principles and concepts stated in the 2033 Knox County General Plan’s Agenda for Quality Growth, as adopted May 2003.
•  We support land use policies, plans and processes that call for citizen participation, professionally qualified staff planners, planning commissioners with demonstrated commitment
    to serving the public interests, interagency coordination on land use issues and training curricula on land use and growth management for newly elected officials.
•  We support policies that protect ridges, slopes, open spaces and vegetation critical to biodiversity, natural habitats and historic/scenic character.
•  We support programs and strategies that conserve or restore natural areas, reduce storm water pollution and protect waterways.
•  We support policies that equitably balance and distribute the costs and benefits of population growth to all.
•  We support policies and strategies that promote infill development and investment in existing communities and their infrastructure.
•  We support policies and strategies that enhance community appearance and livability.

(Adopted 5/2007, Revised 1/2019)