Support for increasing available childcare programs that promote safe, supportive, educational environments with a particular concern for access to affordable childcare for all families. Necessary components of a preschool daycare program are the hiring of qualified staff, the inclusion of recreational activities, and relaxation time. To the extent possible, arts and crafts enrichment programs such as music and foreign languages, reading time and nutrition and other health related services are desirable.

A system of training and support for childcare providers, staff, and families of children in care, is necessary to ensure quality care of children. This system should emphasize developmentally- appropriate practices, health and safety and identifying linkages between quality childcare and a child’s later success. Adequate resources for training and support of childcare professionals should be allocated and maintained.

Increase visibility and knowledge of childcare issues and the childcare system among citizens and government leaders. Include the impact childcare has on the community as a whole, including economic considerations, and the later education of children. Encourage regular communication and sharing of data on the status of the childcare system within the community, including among local and state officials, childcare professionals, educators, community organizations, parents, and the public.

(Adopted 4/1993, Revised 5/2012)