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Observer Corps

About The Observer Corps

An Observer Corps program is a structured way for individuals to exercise their right to know. Observer programs also provide a valuable service to the community by reporting on decision and actions that impact the community.

A local League observer becomes the eyes and ears of the League of Women Voters: A Voice for Citizens; A Force for Change League by learning how government works and observing, identifying and reporting issues that are relevant to League and the community. Observers attend governmental meetings, note what happens at the meetings, report back to the League, and take action, if warranted.

In addition, the presence of observers let officials know that someone is watching to ensure that government agencies are fulfilling their responsibility to be transparent and accountable to the citizenry.

The OC is currently observing several meetings on a regular basis. A list of the entities under observation can be found on the menu on the left. Click on the menu items to learn more about the board or commission you are interested in observing. Each link provides details about meeting schedules, policies, procedures, agendas, minutes, and recent reports. Additional entities, boards, commissions, workshops and special topics can be added as needed.


Observers' reports are factual and non-judgmental, present various sides of an issue and are intended to help members to be well-informed before making any decisions concerning possible League or individual action.

New members are always welcome! For more information, please contact the Observer Corp committee chair at

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